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Rosetta Investigations has a full plate of various investigations, every day. We confront each case very seriously and intimately. If you’re wondering if our firm can handle a case like yours, the most likely answer is yes. Otherwise, we will help you find someone more suited to fulfill your objective.


We Watch Without Being Detected

Surveillance is the covert documentation of an individual to determine his or her actions in a variety of situations.


Don’t Be The Last One to Know

Infidelity is commonly proven when surveillance is conducted on a spouse and a suspected paramour.

Proof of Cohabitation

Protect Your Assets

Proof of Cohabitation is a post-divorce matter. Alimony can be terminated or reduced if the payor spouse can prove that the payee spouse is living with another person.

Child Custody Issues

Child Custody Issues often require surveillance to determine if a parent is acting irresponsibly or recklessly while the children are in his or her care. We provide evidence for court.

Finding The Information You Need To Know!

Other services: Aerial drone surveillance, personal and corporate fraud, medical malpractice, personal injury, hidden social media, cell phone subscriber information (identify owner), proof of alcohol and/or drug use, bug sweeps (find hidden audio or video devices), criminal arrests/convictions (prior and active), historical and current lawsuits (civil litigation), asset verification, judgement recovery, missing persons, litigation research, and court testimony.

Background Checks

Background Checks Rosetta Investigations has authorized access to proprietary databases that may provide a detailed history of debt, criminal offenses, judgements, or something more sinister.

Computer Forensics

Computer Forensics is the art and science of discovering deleted, hidden or lost data on a computer despite attempts to hide or delete it. We employ a Certified Computer Forensic Examiner (CCE).

Counter Surveillance

Counter Surveillance Measures is also known as a bug sweep or electronic debugging. 

Skip Tracing

Skip Tracing – Locating a person who has relocated, often to avoid a creditor or legal obligation or a criminal on the run.

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