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We thrive on building sincere relationships with our clients, so we don’t mind shamelessly bragging when they share their love with us!

Amy knows the law and how evidence is handled at trial. She has a thorough understanding of how to meet a case objective to the point of not having to give her guidance on the myriad of legal issues. We hand her the ball, she runs with it, and then returns it. This alone elevated her far above the herd.


Family Law Firm, Divorce Case

I’m pleased to tell u that I got custody and full decision making authority on all 3 kids. U played a huge part in this and I will forever be grateful! Bless you Amy! You all need to feel proud that you impacted the lives and destiny of me and my kids! I’ll never forget it!


Client, Child Custody Case

I spoke to two other investigators before I called Amy. Within minutes of consulting with her, I knew I would hire her agency. She has a refreshing truth about her and a strong, endearing personality. She is serious but has a great sense of humor. She said certain profound things to me and offered strategy that no one else did. I truly feel blessed that I found her.


Female Client, Strategy

I’ve been lawyering for decades and you are decidedly the most skillful investigator in town. I appreciate your diligence, honesty, and intelligence.


Nashville Family Law, Child Custody Cases

I refer every client in need of a private investigator to Rosetta Investigations. I have no problem saying that she is the best. I’m only hesitate to refer Ms. Drescher to other attorneys because I would dread having her on the other side.


Domestic Relations Attorney, Surveillance Case

Our law firm has retained Amy Drescher for approximately ten years. Our office has hired her for civil and criminal matters. She has our firm’s highest recommendation-she is polite, prompt, professional and tenacious.


Law Office in Nashville, Civil and Criminal Cases

I just want to formally thank you for your kind services and express to you how happy I am to know my father is alive and well. It was amazing how efficiently you found him. I am truly grateful.


Client, Missing Persons Case

I am a former client. I cannot sufficiently compliment Amy and her team in short-form s I will simply say that I am grateful for her passion investigating my case and her compassion toward me. She nailed my case and lifted me during the lowest point in my life.


Male Client, Surveillance Case

Early in the investigation, you said, “There is no magic with all of this”. I disagree. You are a wonderous angel who worked very hard to find the truth. The experience validated my very intimate, personal and private faith.


Client, Surveillance Case

Ms. Drescher is a critical thinker. She thinks fast on her feet without prompt. I am a personal injury attorney. A trusted colleague kindly referred her to me. She has impressed me with her ability to uncover more information that I direct her to investigate. She recognizes relevant information that others, including myself, might overlook. And, I’ve been practicing fro nearly 40 years.


Middle Tennessee Law, Background Check

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