Video, still photos, and a written report are provided to the Client or the attorney. Rosetta Investigations has handled hundreds of “cheating spouse” cases and our understanding of family law is unmatched by any other agency in Nashville.

Signs To Watch For:

  • Is your partner hiding their cell phone screen when using it? Changing the lock code to one you don’t know (and he/she won’t give it to you). Acting very secretive about their phone activities. A photo vault app may be hiding pictures of the adulterous events.
  • Does your partner have multiple email addresses?
  • Does your spouse or girlfriend/boyfriend leave the room to answer calls or texts. Or have suspicious anonymous messages.
  • Has there been a sudden change in their work schedule? Are there time blocks that they are unavailable to you? Taking “clients” out to evening activities can also be a red flag of cheating.
  • What about an increase in “helpfulness”? Volunteering to take the dog for a walk or run out to the store? Sometimes these activities seem like they are helping you out, but are they?
  • Are there changes in intimacy? Does your partner has a decreased interest in spending time alone with you? Or have they introduced new sexual activities that do fit your normal pattern?
  • Does your partner bring gifts for no reason? That may be their guilt showing.
  • Are there unexplained charges on a credit card? Especially restaurants, hotels, massage studios, lingerie stores, or places you haven’t gone to or received gifts from.

These signs alone do mean your partner is cheating. But, they are warning signs that you need to have a deeper conversation. If you suspect you are the victim of infidelity please call us or contact us HERE.

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