Frequently Asked Questions

Why hire Rosetta Investigations?

In the State of Tennessee, all Private investigators and P.I. Agency owners must be licensed by the TN Private Investigation and Polygraph Commission. I am a licensed private investigator and I have owned and operated Rosetta Investigations, a licensed agency since 2003.

There are three key things that set an investigator or an agency apart from another.


As the owner and manager of Rosetta Investigations, I have passionately built an investigative firm built on transparency. We fully disclose facts and events to clients. We also share our creative opinions because they are based on plenty of experience. In other words, we don’t sugar coat or embellish to win you over. Our longstanding reputation and success speaks for itself.

We use tools, techniques, and methods that have nothing to do with Googling. Most folks can dazzle themselves with their Googling abilities. However, if that’s all it takes to find an answer, then you probably don’t need us. Our investigators live and breath (and have sleepless nights) unearthing the truth.

We are trained to use 21st century technology and we frequently dig into an old-fashioned bag of tricks, but the most remarkable tool we utilize is our investigative minds. The nature of the business is thoughtfully finding the truth.

How do you conduct surveillance?

Rosetta Investigations uses sophisticated equipment that allows us to covertly capture photographs and/or video in almost any situation or location. Surveillance can be conducted for a few hours to multiple days out-of-state. Often two investigators in separate vehicles are used when the surveillance is “mobile” and our constant theme is stealth and discretion. If you prefer, you (or your attorney) will receive updates during the course of surveillance.

What information do you need to get started?

The more information you provide the better. It helps me more effectively strategize your case in a way that is most cost efficient. I will guide you through your story in an effort to learn the information that is relevant to finding the truth. I’ve handled enough cases that there is nothing you might say that will alarm me so you have no reason to be reluctant or embarrassed. All information is kept in strict confidence.

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What is the cost of hiring a private investigator?

Every case is different however rates tend to be static and standard. Services are priced similarly to the majority of agencies locally and nationwide. Following your initial consultation you will be provided with a “Standard Services and Retainer Agreement” which is a very simple easy-to-read contract that outlines costs such as the retainer amount, hourly rate, and mileage. While a retainer is mandatory, the amount may vary depending on the estimated amount of time and resources to handle your case.

What can I expect at the conclusion of the investigation?

Timely and ongoing updates will be provided to you and/or your attorney throughout the investigation. At the conclusion, a written investigative report will be provided upon the request of you and/or your attorney. The report is stylized in an evidentiary matter for court purposes, if needed. The report will contain various details such as the case background, the case objective, a detailed narrative of events, photos and/or video with embedded time and date stamps, research and database results, and an objective conclusion. In certain circumstances, the investigator(s) will be called to testify as an eyewitness.

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